Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So this is pretty image-heavy, but here's my totals for Tour De Fleece:

First Up:

Vicki's Ocean. I don't have it all photoed here, but there was 24 ounces total. Combed superwash merino top, which I spun over the fold and did a 4-ply to create a worsted/aran weight yarn. There's about 1100 yards total. I believe there exists plans for it to become a vest.


The Wicked Witch yarn. Combed merino top from Made By Ewe spun over the fold and 2-plied into a fingering weight. There's about 400 yards total. This yarn was immediately claimed by Earthling. I think she may do socks.


There isn't a picture of this all spun up, but this is corriedale cross top from Spinners Hill spun worsted and navajo-plied into a sport weight. There's about 6 ounces total, although I only spun up 4 during the challenge as the remaining 2 ounces had already been spun up.

Then there is

This bit of loveliness from Fiber Fancy -- merino/mohair blend combed top, spun to fingering weight and kept as a single. There's 540 yards -- it will make a lovely scarf or shawl.

Next, we have

Corriedale top from Gale's Art, spun worsted and navajo-plied into a heavy fingering weight. I was thinking socks or a scarf.

Then there is

This absolute beautiful wonderfulness of BFL and silk from Bullens Wullens, which was spun into 820 yards of laceweight and kept as a single. This, I know will make something totally lovely and lacey. There will be beads, and it will be MINE, MINE, all MINE.

And finally, there is this

Combed corriedale top from Gale's Art spun worsted and navajo-plied into an aran/chunky weight. This yarn has been gifted, and I'm pretty certain the recipient will absolutely love it.

So that brings the total to

24 ounces of the teal
4 ounces of the wicked witch
4 ounces from Spinners Hill
4 ounces from Fiber Fancy
8 ounces from Gale's Art
4 ounces from Bullens Wullens

That's 48 ounces total, which is the 3 pounds that I was gunning for at the beginning. I'm still totally impressed that I got it all spun up. Notice that what ISN'T there is the angora/wool blend that I had been working on, which means that I actually spun a little more than 48 ounces. But the angora/wool isn't done yet, so I'm not counting it in my totals.

The question now becomes, what do I spin next?

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