Monday, May 30, 2011

Lest We Forget

"Let us swear allegiance to a land that's free.
Let us all be grateful for a land so fair."
-- Irving Berlin

Today is Memorial Day, the day set aside to remember all our heroes (fallen or standing) from wars past and present, and all the sacrifices that they made. Ever since the French and Indian War -- the first major international war fought on American soil -- broke out in 1754, countless men and women have paid the ultimate price in the names of freedom, honor, and patriotism. Many of those are unnamed, known, as the tomb in Arlington states, only to God.

2011 markes the 165th anniversary of the Seige of Fort Texas, the 150th anniversary of the bombardment of Fort Sumter, the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11. But it doesn't matter whether the men and women whose sacrifices we remember are from a long ago, virtually forgotten war, or if they're from a conflict that is still ongoing today. What is important is that we remember them. That we remember what they did. And that we are grateful to them. And that we will NEVER, EVER forget.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Random on a Friday

This is a holiday weekend.

The holiday means that H and I are going down to the Green Valley Book Fair on Monday.

The Pole socks are done.

The toe of one needs to be ripped out and reknit.

I need to figure out some way of putting up the chart for it.

The silk is done on the wheel.

Except for setting the twist.

The silk did not like to draft.

I told it to behave.

It didn't.

Because it's silk, I'll forgive it.

There are 615 yards.

Anyone have any pattern ideas?

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mothers' Day

To all you mothers out there. Without all of you, there would be none of us.

Monday, May 02, 2011

A List

Of everything that has captured my attention this past week.

The Pole socks. There's no picture of these, just because I haven't taken one yet. Sock one is finished. Sock two is halfway down the leg. I've really been having fun with these -- cables and socks -- it's the perfect combo.

The weather. FINALLY a great weekend. It's been all April showers, rain and dreariness all month long, and then on Saturday, the sun came out, and there was perfect blue skies. Perfect for hiking around Greenwitch Village.

My general lack of sleep. When you get up at 4am two days in a row...

The Persephone shawl. It's blocking on my bed. Apparently, I don't know all that much how to pin out semi-circular shawls -- this one took about 30 minutes before I got the pins right.

The Duchess of Cambridge. The woman is riveting. I don't envy her all that much (ok, let's be honest, I do a little), but there is nothing more beautiful than two people in love with each other. This is what is so fantastic about a monarchy -- the pageantry, the beauty -- we just don't have exciting events like this here in the US. And THE DRESS. Is there absolutely anything more I can say about THE DRESS?? Wasn't it just the other week that V and M and I were all bemoaning the lack of sleeves and lace on wedding dresses?