Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Thing 17

Ok, I am totally and completely lost. Is a wiki the same as a login account? And I didn't particularly like the directions for adding my blog to the list of favorites. It took me a while to figure that out as well.

Thing 16

Ok, this was a useful exercise. Despite my reservations about using Wikipedia (simply for the fact that it is a wiki, and therefor can be edited by anyone), some of these wikis are really cool. Right after I graduated from library school, I volunteered at a school for autistic children that couldn't afford a paid librarian. They had a room and some books, and that was about it. I could have used some of these websites then, particularly the ones that provide cataloging info!

Thing 13

Ok, I might be back on track here; I've finally sat down to do Thing 13...

I don't think I like del.icio.us. I can see where it might be useful for doing research, but I don't know that I want other people to know what all I've tagged. If I want other people to know what I'm interested in, I'll tell them. I don't feel comfortable having the entire world seeing everything that I've tagged. I don't believe I'll be creating an account here.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thing 15

A friend of mine from grad school recently sent me a goofy forward that shows a little video clip of a monk discovering the book for the first time. Apparently, he was used to reading from a scroll, and could not figure out how to read a book. This "fuss" about library 2.0 reminds me of that e-mail. Technology is always growing and changing. If we, as librarians, human beings, and members of society, wish to survive, we have to change with it. That change can be as simple as going from a scroll to a book, or it can be the more complex changes that we're seeing today. Either way, librarians have to change with the times and with the technologies, regardless of what those changes bring about. Library 2.0 is not a new. It's just a new way to describe an old idea.

Thing 14

Ok, I know I'm a little out of order here, but I haven't had much luck getting some time where I can do Thing 13, so I'm going to skip it for the time....

That aside, Thing 14. I don't see the point of this step. OF COURSE your results are going to be different if you search by different ways! If I rank ten of my copious books by author, the list is going to be completely different if I rank them by title, or if I rank them by how many times I've read them. So, it seems to me to be fairly obvious that if I look for a specific word in blog posts, the results are going to be different than if I look for that word in tags or blog directory.

And I'm getting pretty tired of reading about Anna Nicole Smith (she's making more waves now that she's dead than she ever did when she was alive) and Brittany Spears (can't we talk about Nationwide's Super Bowl commercials instead?).

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Thing 12

This is interesting, and another definite procrastination tool. I had a lot of fun looking up links for my searchroll, and I could go at this for quite some time. I've included the link below. Knitting is a passion for me, so it only made sense to make a roll for patterns.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thing 11

Ahh, Library Thing.... I actually discovered this amazing resource some time ago when another student in grad school got me hooked on it. It is an amazing procrastination tool, and I go back to it on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I have yet to post very many of my books on it, so here is the link to my library, and in my coming spare time ;-), I will get around to putting in more titles