Wednesday, July 06, 2011

So Far

So here's my progress on TdF so far. First up? The Wicked Witch braid from Made by Ewe.

It's four ounces of merino, and there's about 340 yards of the green and black, and about 60 yards of the green by itself. This, I think, will be turn into a very loverly cowl. Or it might be a gift. We shall see.

Then, I've been working on a lot of this bit of wonderfulness from Spinner's Hill

There's six ounces of Corriedale total, although about 40% of it was spun up already. I'm going for about a sport weight, navajo plied. No project in mind as of yet, though.

The Corriedale should be all spun up into a single tonight, and then it will be on to something else. Hmmmm....Decisions, decisions...

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Marcie said...

I love woven yarn. The colors look so pretty, just waiting for some project!