Tuesday, July 12, 2011


And I'm officially behind on Tour de Fleece.

So far, in addition to everything I posted last week, I've also completed this:

That's about 300 yards of 4-ply, aran weight merino, that I'm spinning up for the lovely V. (Somewhere, there's a tag. I've lost track of who the vendor was.) There's not quite 8 ounces total, and I have about 16 more of this to go.

I also have this bit of fantabulousness:

That's 4 ounces of a merino/mohair blend from Fiber Fancy, and I'm uber proud of this yarn. It's the first time I've ever been confident enough in my singles that I'm not going to ply it. There's about 540 yards of that gorgeousness right there, and each time I look over at it, I'm tempted to give it a little pat and a smile. Sigh. My Precious.

Then there's this as well:

The tag on this is long gone. I think it only came with a receipt, which has long since met up with the trash can and eloped. But it is a wool/angora blend, hand dyed with black cherry Kool Aid.

Now, I realize that looks like a lot, but Dudes, it totally isn't. Today is Day 11 of the Tour, which means that I'm supposed to have 22 ounces spun up by the end of today. The problem is, I only have about 19, and I don't foresee myself actually doing three ounces today. Two, maybe. Can we say two? I think maybe I'll be able to finish two ounces today.

After the black cherry bunny comes more of the teal merino. Wish me luck.

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