Monday, July 02, 2012

In Which My Laziness is Discovered...'s been I while since I've posted, but I thought it might be fun to show you all how St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in Dublin. Yeah...three and a half months late. Prior to me going over, I was informed that St. Patrick's Day was not a big thing in Ireland. That it was completely different than it is over here -- much more of a religious thing.


I was informed incorrectly. Those were all people standing across the street from me during the parade.

The bagpipers.

The army.

A float answering the question how a rainbow is formed.

These people were talking about the ocean -- I forget the exact question they were answering.

This band was playing "Thriller"

This group was answering the question of how if the world is spinning, why we don't fall off.

This group had something to do with dreams.

This band was playing "Sweet Caroline." I started singing along with them, but discovered that nobody in Ireland knows it.

I forget what this group was all about.

The River Liffey, which they do NOT dye green. The locals were appalled when we explained about the Chicago and the Charles Rivers.

The view up the river.

Christ Church Cathedral in the old city.

St Patrick's Cathedral, also in the old city. Jonathan Swift was dean here.

In the park where St. Patrick's is located is a peace garden.

Dublin Castle

On the other side of the river was another peace garden, this one dedicated to all the people who died in the name of Irish freedom.

And after that, it was back to the hotel for the night. The cabbie teased me for spending the night inside instead of out on the town, but it was cold, so I was glad to be back for the evening.

Next post, Trinity College!

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