Thursday, July 19, 2012

Don't Tell Me What To Do

(With apologies to Pam Tillis.)

This disturbs me. And I mean, REALLY PISSES ME OFF.

Seriously. EVERY woman who feels this way should be troubled?

This isn't about Obama versus Romney, or abortion, or Planned Parenthood. This isn't even about mudslinging political ads.

No, this is about a campaign insisting that because I am a woman who cares about her body, I should automatically feel a certain way.

So here's a newsflash for all those people out there who somehow believe that just because I AM A WOMAN, I should automatically support stuff like Planned Parenthood and Roe v. Wade:

Any support that I may or may not have for PP or RVW is not contingent on what organs are between my legs. If I'm capable of making my own decisions regarding the care of my body, then you can be darn sure I'm capable of making up my own mind regarding PP, RVW, AND the presidential race.

Don't tell me what should trouble me. You can give me facts all you want, but in the end, it's still MY decision what to believe and what should disturb me.


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Kelly said...

You just summed up the main issues that I have with second-wave feminism. I couldn't agree more.