Thursday, May 31, 2012

Galway -- Part 2

So after Inis Mor, we took the ferry back to Galway for the night. Friday, we were planning on taking the train back to Dublin, but first, we decided to traipse around Galway some more. Here is the view from our hotel room:

Galway Cathedral was within walking distance of Eyre Square, so we decided to walk around there for a little while.

During the week, the cathedral uses its parking lot as a municipal lot for people working in the city, so as we walked around, we saw many vehicles driving in and out of the lot. There was a mass going on at the time we were there, so we did not go in.

The rose window...

The cathedral from across the street.

A couple of neat views of the older parts of Galway in the area around the cathedral.

And another

And another

This was a neat little shop in old town Galway. It sold yarn, and you know how Earthling and I can't just go past a yarn store and not stop.

Then, it was back to the train station to take the train back to Dublin. Some views from the train:

A view with sheep!

Another view

One of the smaller towns we passed through

This was just a picture I took because I wanted to get a picture of Gaelic writing. Ireland is officially bilingual, and everything, including the signage on the train, is in Irish and English.

And then, we arrived safely back in Dublin and decided to call it a day back at the hotel. We actually made it back to our hotel without getting lost -- not a small matter, as it involved taking the bus in the dark through unfamiliar neighborhoods.

A special thanks to the lovely local woman who helped us out. Next posting: St. Patrick's Day!!

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