Monday, January 22, 2007

Thing 9

Ok, now that I have moved my feeds, I must now say that I am totally and completely lost. How do I embed the feeds of other blogs? Every time I've tried to add the feed of someone's blog onto my page, it always comes up "invalid URL". I'm confused.

That aside, after doing part of Thing 9 during Thing 8, I think I liked using Blogline's feed directory the best. It was orderly, neat, and to the point; and I didn't have to go through numerous hoops and windows to find the right feeds. I originally liked Syndic8, but I couldn't really find very many feeds that interested me.

Is anyone else as befuffled as I am?

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Cat's Meow said...

Yes, yes we are! I too had trouble. In fact, I still don't understand what I did to get it to work with Blogroll...