Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Monthly Rant

I have come to the conclusion that the fashion trends have changed, and not necessarily for the better. Last week, I decided that I needed a few pick-me-ups in my wardrobe for me to wear in to work, and went out shopping. I went in at least ten different stores and only found two items to wear. Everything else I found was either hideously expensive, or for the corporate setting. There was practically nothing for people who work with the public (i.e. kids). I ended up going to a fabric store and buying several yards of material for me to sew my own clothes.

Maybe there is some hidden meaning in all of this. I mean, I know I'm one of those weird people who are short and curvy, but it's not like my body is so unusual that they simply don't make things in my size. Many of the business suits I saw would have fit me perfectly, so I know it isn't me. Maybe the message is trying to be that if people actually took the time to figure out exactly how much time, money, and effort went into making an article of clothing, we wouldn't be so materialistic about it all. I'm one of those few people in the world who actually can make her own clothing. I have recently come to the conclusion that since I'm perfectly capable of knitting, I shouldn't have to spend money on buying sweaters. Maybe this is the message I'm supposed to get out of my shopping experience. There are many women out there who have sewing machines and who sew, myself included. What's stopping us from making our own clothing, as opposed to getting other people to make them for us?

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