Tuesday, October 02, 2012

This, That, and Some Other

I cannot believe it is OCTOBER already. Really. Where did the time go? I could have sworn that SRP just ended, and school just started. Huh.

If it is October (and apparently it is), then why is it raining outside? Pouring, actually. I thought October was for blue skies.

I don't mind that it's October, though. Because October is my favorite month of the year. And because I'm still high over this past weekend. Since THIS is what I was doing:

The Orioles have a winning record and are going to the playoffs this year for the first time since I was in high school. Yeah. I'm still pretty high over it. No matter how far they GO in the playoffs, this has been one sweet ride, and I will enjoy every minute of it.

However, it would be nice if the BoSox could get their rears in gear and actually win their next two games so that the O's have a shot at winning the division rather than just the Wild Card. So, Marcie and Jen? If you could let them know that, that'd be great.

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