Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! I cannot BELIEVE that it is almost November already. Where DID the time go?

Is everyone safe and drying out from the hurricane? Power on? Yarn stash dry? Trees near to dwelling places still standing?

The library was closed Monday and Tuesday from the storm. I am sure there were a bunch of people who showed up anyway and wondered why in the world we were closed. Humans are a weird species. (Seriously, why would you go outside? Did you not understand it was a hurricane?)

So my Orioles were knocked out in the Division round of the playoffs, which is sad. (@#$% stinkin' Yankees) But it was an awesome ride just to GET to the playoffs, so I can't bring myself to be disappointed this year. And three of my Birds won Gold Gloves, which is really cool!

Books currently reading: *All Roads Lead to Austen,* by Amy Elizabeth Smith and *The Alchemyst,* by Michael Scott.

Current Knitting Projects: Java Socks and Queen of the Wood shawl.

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