Monday, April 20, 2009


Just a quicky, because I have no time.

The candle flame socks are done -- except for weaving in the ends, but really ends, schmends.

The OF cardigan is blocking. On my bed. Hopefully by the time I get home this evening, it will have finished drying, and I will be able to use my bed. When I move into my my own digs, I really need to get a blocking table.

The lily pond socks are almost half way done.

There has been no further progress on the flying purple people eaters.

This past week has given new meaning to the phrase "April Showers."

Stitches in Your Home -- what a great idea! Heather is a genius.

On behalf of Mason-Dixon Knitting, please consider donating to Afghans for Afghans if you have a chance.

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