Thursday, June 28, 2007

A New Thing 7

So, after I spent about twenty minutes trying to figure out how to create a trading card for myself (and it's a really bad picture of me, because it was a little small, so when it was uploaded into the trading card, the resolution got messed up), I was now confronted with the challenge of figuring out how to schedule things in the meeting room, and now I am confused again. *sigh* Blasted software applications.

This reminds me of a conversation I had once when I was in college. The guy I was dating at the time was (and I suppose he still is) really into computer science and software stuff. I, while not averse to new technology, still harbor a fondness for the not-so-cutting-edge. My parents had a typewriter that they were allowing me to use, and I was taking advantage of the opportunity. I can still remember David's response when I mentioned this to him: "Why on earth would you be using a typewriter? They're so archaic!"

I didn't mention to him that typewriters are healthier for you. Studies have shown that, because of the way they are forced to hold their hands as they type, people who type using manual typewriters are less likely to develop carpal tunnel than people who do not.

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