Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thing 15

A friend of mine from grad school recently sent me a goofy forward that shows a little video clip of a monk discovering the book for the first time. Apparently, he was used to reading from a scroll, and could not figure out how to read a book. This "fuss" about library 2.0 reminds me of that e-mail. Technology is always growing and changing. If we, as librarians, human beings, and members of society, wish to survive, we have to change with it. That change can be as simple as going from a scroll to a book, or it can be the more complex changes that we're seeing today. Either way, librarians have to change with the times and with the technologies, regardless of what those changes bring about. Library 2.0 is not a new. It's just a new way to describe an old idea.

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