Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thing 14

Ok, I know I'm a little out of order here, but I haven't had much luck getting some time where I can do Thing 13, so I'm going to skip it for the time....

That aside, Thing 14. I don't see the point of this step. OF COURSE your results are going to be different if you search by different ways! If I rank ten of my copious books by author, the list is going to be completely different if I rank them by title, or if I rank them by how many times I've read them. So, it seems to me to be fairly obvious that if I look for a specific word in blog posts, the results are going to be different than if I look for that word in tags or blog directory.

And I'm getting pretty tired of reading about Anna Nicole Smith (she's making more waves now that she's dead than she ever did when she was alive) and Brittany Spears (can't we talk about Nationwide's Super Bowl commercials instead?).

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