Thursday, October 31, 2013


Weddings.  They're full of stress and drama and headaches.  They require planning -- LOTS of planning -- that you really don't want to worry about, and pleasing people other than yourself.  You spend all this time and energy and money putting this massive shindig together all for one day, when all you want to do is GET MARRIED.  You spend the last three weeks sick as a dog because your immune system is all run down.  You end up going to Urgent Care because you've developed this weird topical rash and are convinced that it's psychosomatic and that you desperately need some Valium when all it is is poison ivy.  And you're terrified that either A) a hurricane will blow up the coast and rain out your special day, or that B) it will be the wrong time of the month, and you'll end up like What's-her-name in Sixteen Candles, passed out in the dressing room because you're so full of muscle relaxers.

In short?  They are EXHAUSTING.

But in the end, SO TOTALLY WORTH IT.

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