Monday, April 16, 2012

Galway -- Part 1

So, it occurred to me the other day that I really out to post some of the pictures from my vacation so you all could see that I wasn't behaving. So here's the first segment.

Our first full day was in Galway, which is on the western side of Ireland, right on the coast. Earthling and I took the train there from Dublin and walked downtown from the train station (which is maybe two blocks from the square).

This is where we ate lunch that day -- generic fast food, served on china plates:

Across the street was Eyre Square, which Earthling and I both took as the central square in the city:

Along one of the streets running along side Eyre Square was a bunch of flagpoles showcasing various family crests:

As well as this bizarre piece of modern art

Across from Eyre Square was the old medieval section of Galway, full of cobblestone streets and loads of small shops and restaurants.

This is the Church of St. Nicholas, one of the oldest churches in Galway. After the Reformation, it became Church of Ireland (Anglican). The outside still has its medieval gargoyles, and the inside has the old original chapel.

This was on the outside of one of the buildings:

Neither Earthling nor I drink Guinness. We just thought it was funny.

That afternoon, we caught the bus down to the ferry dock to head on over to Inis Mor. Some views from the bus:

And here's another...

And here's another.

Next Posting: Inis Mor

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