Wednesday, December 07, 2011

You Ever Wonder...

The storytime room at work looks out onto a cemetery. And every day, during storytime, no matter what age, but it's more prevalent with the younger ones, at least one or two children rush over to look out the window.

At first, maybe, the idea is they're looking at some place where they can't be -- the forbidden outdoors.

Or maybe they're looking out there, because it's someplace different, and not where they are, and they feel like they need to explore it, if only with their eyes.

Or maybe, and this is what's been churning around in my mind the most lately, the kids are seeing something that adults don't. That maybe kids, like in that Kim Cattrall movie, possess some secret knowledge that they lose as they grow older. That there's some sort of romance to the hidden world of babies and toddlers that only they know, and part of that is being able to see and hear things that adults don't. And who's to say that part of that doesn't include being able to see ghosts?

Nah. It can't be that. I mean, there are no such things as ghosts...right?

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