Monday, October 31, 2011


I'm really rather behind on posting this, but I did want to put up my pics from Rhinebeck and show off my new sweater. So even though Rhinebeck was two weeks ago, here's what it's about.

I managed, by not doing virtually anything else the week before, to finish the sweater:

It was finished in the hotel room the night before. Blocking didn't happen for another week, but I WAS WEARING IT AT RHINEBECK.

I took along the Java socks, but since I wasn't quite at a point in the pattern where I could really work on them, didn't really get a chance to work on them at the festival. These were relagated to the hotel and car intead.

I did, however, get some people to hold the sock. Lisa Grossman held my sock, even though it wasn't one of hers:

Miss Babs held my sock.

Joe from Oasis Yarns held my sock (Somehow, I wasn't able to find a website for them).

George? from Skaska Designs held my sock.

Somehow, I never did get this guy's name, but the Female Parental Unit bought a hat from him, and he had a really cool-lookin weasel at his booth, so I asked him to hold the sock too.

The Chilean miners were there:

Not really. But last year, Rhinbeck happened to fall right after all the Chilean miners were rescued, so I started calling this group that. I actually have no idea what this particular group is named.

The FPU discovered this really interesting tea cozy that doubled as a hat:

Once again, I cannot wait until next year.

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