Saturday, April 23, 2011


You ever wonder why sometimes people make big huge deals about things that aren't important? Like when there are so many really important things that need to be discussed and accomplished, and being IGNORED, because of these really unimportant, minute things?

This whole issue about the Birther Bill is bugging me. I mean, let's, for the sake of grins and giggles, just set aside the whole Certificate of Live Birth that was produced to public scrutiny three years ago, along with the announcements made BY the hospital to local newspapers. Because, really, if those things aren't good enough for you, I don't know if there's really anything that is. But the thing that is REALLY bugging me about this whole issue is WHY ARE WE EVEN ARGUING ABOUT THIS???

(I'm wondering maybe if the issue isn't so much of WHERE the dude was born, but WHEN -- like maybe he wasn't really born in 1961, but rather in 1958? Note to self: check up on citizenship status of people born in territories.)

But seriously. Why is it such an issue? Why are we so confounded hung up on this? Why, when I go onto, is it the BIG HOT TOPIC? Especially when there are so many other topics out there that I think are far more important and merit much more discussion.

Like maybe, I don't know, the BUDGET?

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