Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Things You Never Knew

So I was at this knitting convention in Pittsburgh this past weekend. Sunday morning I was taking this class on color, and there KL, the teacher, was explaining all about proportion -- that darker, brighter colors make more of an impact than lighter, matter ones. And she gave an example of Argyles: that if the colors were black, red, and white, then the main color would be red, the diamonds white, and the lines would be black if one wanted a balanced look between the colors. Someone else mentioned that you could then switch the colors up if you wanted a different look too, and then I commented that that was the cool thing about making Argyles, at least with socks, anyway: that once you bought the yarn for one pair, you had yarn for three more pairs.

The teacher then said that was fine and dandy and all that, but that she could only knit socks for pirates, because she just never got around to knitting that second sock. I don't know quite why she felt she had to limit herself to the idea that socks had to match, but since she brought up the pirate idea, I just couldn't resist, and said, "Well Argyle socks should be perfect for you then, since they're Arrrgyles."

The whole room cracked up, our teacher most of all. Totally flipped. She was practically rolling on the floor, she was laughing so hard. Apparently she had never heard the joke before. I laughed a little with her, all the while thinking, I can't believe she's never heard that before. That wasn't even an original on my part. There's even a pattern on Ravelry for Arrrgyle socks, for crying out loud. But clearly, this was the funniest thing she had heard in a while, and she kept coming back to it, laughing every time anyone mentioned Argyles.

I never knew I could be so amusing.

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