Thursday, January 01, 2009

Eight Maids A-Milking

Yes, in fact, today still is actually Christmas. So on this beautiful sunny first day of 2009, I give you....

The Christmas Knitting.

First up?

The Doctor Who mitts, which I knit for H as a belated birthday/early Christmas gift back in November. These are the Rose's Wrist Warmers on Ravelry, and they were so much fun to knit

that I did another pair. This one was for my sister, and is out of the dark blue handspun, and after that, I still wasn't quite over my infatuation with the pattern

that I finegled the pattern into one for a hat, also out of the dark blue handspun. The wonderful V at my Wednesday Knit Night has told me that my sister had better appreciate these, because if she doesn't, V will come and take them away from her.

I think my sister will enjoy these. Although it did take an incredible amount of gumption to actually wrap them up. I was sooo tempted to keep them for myself. I may just have to knit myself a pair.

(Oh, and because my sister's birthday is in December, I thought I'd show you her birthday gift too:

The yarn for which I procured at Stitches and desperately need to buy more, as it is 80% angora.)

Then it was on to my mother, who was the recipient of this lovely cap made out of the green handspun...

The Narragansett Bay Cap, from Lisa Lloyd's A Fine Fleece, the pattern of which I enjoyed enough to transpose into another pair of fingerless mitts (also out of the green handspun).

And then there was enough of the green handspun left for her to receive another pair of mittens -- these with fingers.

See how nice and big and poofy they are? Well, maybe you can't, because of the angle of the camera. Maybe you can in this picture, which is a pair made for Little One (made with Cascade 220, not because my brother is not worth handspun, but because I don't know as he would actually care whether the yarn was some that I made or not -- he's weird that way).

They are nice and big and poofy because inside, they look like this:

(The ones for my mother look like that too, only, they're, you know, pink.)

These are thrums. Little bits of unspun wool that I knit into the mitten for extra lining. My mother has given her stamp of approval on hers. I think my brother will do so as well.

Oh, and there was also Big Green and Big Blue which you already saw when I showed off my Ravelympics projects. (Actually, I just realized that I haven't posted a picture of Big Blue yet, so here it is, seen posing at Rhinebeck. Complete with buttons.)

*whew*. Christmas knitting done. Now, it's just off to whip up a pair of Argyles (those should be interesting) and finish the cotton candy (one skein plied, three more to go...).

Happy New Year.


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I LOVE those fingerless mittens. I wish I could knit.

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