Saturday, October 04, 2008

Totally and Completely Random

This has almost never happened to me. I have (count 'em) fourteen rows left on the Rhinebeck. Fourteen. After that, it's all over but the buttons (I need six that go well with a neutral brown. Anyone? Anyone? Beullar?) and the blocking. And the festival is still two weeks away. I wonder what else I can get done between now and then.....

My name is not Honey. Nor is it Sweetie, Sugar, or Babe. So if you happen to run into me on the street, or turn around after walking backwards out of a coffee shop and realize I've been standing behind you waiting for you to stop talking to your friend so I can enter, or happen to wait on me at a bank, restaurant, or retail store, please do not address me as such. If you don't happen to know my name, Miss, Ms, or Ma'am will do just fine. That's what they're there for anyway.

On a related note: Why are terms of endearment almost always food? Thoughts?

Whoever invented e-mail has my eternal gratitude. Leaving messages on my voice mail clearly is not nearly as effective. I've been hunting all over my apartment looking for this little scrap of paper that I wrote down the name and number of this woman who called me on Tuesday, and can't find it. So Brenda from church who called me Tuesday morning? Please call me back so you'll know I'm not ignoring you completely.

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Anonymous said...

Don't go to Kentucky, Missouri, or Okalahoma, they call everyone Sweetie or sugar or honey. I find it amusing when I'm over there, but here I find it annoying. Northern Virgina shouldn't be known for it's Midwestern Charm, especially since we're not in the midwest.

--Holly =]