Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ravelympics and other things

Ok, so this is rather late, but I thought I'd post about what all UFO's I got done during the Olympics. This isn't officially my Ravelympics projects (mainly because I knew that if I posted it and made it official, nothing would get done. I do know that much about myself), but I did want to see if I could get them done while the Olympics were going on.

So I decided to work on a few of my UFO's and just see if I could get them done.

UFO #1: My rosebud socks, knit for myself, started last spring.
Progress prior to 080808: Halfway up the foot of one sock
Yarn: LionBrand Microspun.
Pattern: Invented on the fly. Ask me nicely, and I might consider sending it to you.

UFO #2: White Shawl, started last May to be completed for a friend who is expecting a baby this fall
Progress prior to 080808: All done but the border
Yarn: LionBrand Sportweight
Pattern: Debbie Macomber's Alix Prayer Shawl

UFO #3: Big Green, started last fall, to be a Christmas present for an undisclosed recipient. Despite what the picture looks like, it really is made out of green yarn.
Progress prior to 080808: back complete, front done to the armholes
Yarn: Cascade 220
Pattern: Patons' Aran Raglan, adapted to a vest

UFO #4: Hooded Cardigan, started sometime last winter, to be another Christmas present for another undisclosed recipient. There is no picture of this, not because I wasn't able to finish it, but simply because I just never got around to it.
Progress prior to 080808: Both fronts, back, pockets, and one sleeve complete
Yarn: Caron Rainbow Tones Blue Ombre
Pattern: Ummm, the name of the book escapes me at the moment, but it's a hooded cardigan knit from the top down with a knit-on button band and divided kangaroo pockets.

You're just going to have to believe me when I say that this one is all done (except for the buttons, because the undisclosed recipient has insisted on putting them on herself and confiscated the sweater to do so -- I hope).

Prompts? You bet. Here are three:
A tall oak tree, half dead, standing against the sky.
A pink ribbon nestled among blond curls.
Someone came to my door last night...


Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous! I am in awe. :)

Anonymous said...

Just so people will know, the undisclosed recipient of the hooded cardigan has affixed the buttons. Even though it is to be a Christmas present, I have been wearing it and raking in the compliments, especially for the buttons.