Thursday, August 07, 2008

Totally Random

All this past week, there's been talk in the news about US cyclists arriving in Bejing wearing masks against the pollution. These masks were made and designed by the USOC, and the Chinese knew darn well the air around the city is polluted (they've been trying to clean it up for years). So why have the cyclists been made to apologize?

The big story in the local newspaper this week is on how government employees need to cut back on their use of gasoline. The roaring inferno that took place next door seems to have gone unnoticed, except as a tiny insert in another paper. The county website seems to be uninterested in it as well.

I'm debating whether or not I should officially announce my Ravelympics project, or just work on it on my own and see if I get it done in the sixteen days. Thoughts?

A, this is for you: A wooden stick, lying charred black against the green grass.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Another one. Sorry I missed your call. I wasn't feeling well and fell asleep. -- A